Common Kitchen Remodel Questions with Beehler Kitchens

Common Kitchen Remodel Questions with Beehler Kitchens by Stacy Snively at

Kitchens are the command center of the house. It’s often where families spend the most time. However, kitchen remodels can be overwhelming for clients. I sat down with Bridget Beehler from Beehler Kitchens, a local Zionsville design company, to talk about common questions to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. 

What is the first step when considering a complete kitchen makeover?

Making a decision on your appliances is the first step for a kitchen makeover.  Appliances drive your design as there are only so many spots to put a 3′ wide refrigerator or a 5′ wide Wolf range. Take a look at appliances first so you have an idea what you want. Do you want a microwave above your stove or in a drawer? I can’t tell you how many times a client has gone to look for a 36″ fridge and came home with a 42″ or 48″ fridge! Or the client went to look at 30″ stove and came home wanting double ovens. Most designers will go appliance shopping with you if you want and will guide you through the following steps.

Wolf Oven

Do most of your clients come to you with a design in mind or do you come up with the design?

Most clients have an idea of what they do want (cabinets to the ceiling) and what they don’t want (no planning desk), but they don’t usually have the design plan. We use a CAD program that puts it all together for them, in multiple options, and the program even allows the client to see the kitchen in color and from different angles in the room. It’s important to give the client a feel for the final finished product. 

Kitchen Remodel Before
Kitchen Remodel After

What are your thoughts on Pinterest? Do you love it or hate it?  Does it help or bog down the design process?

I love Pinterest and Houzz! I also love kitchen magazines and anything else that a client has found to help us visualize his or her dreams. It really gives us a better understanding of  how they envision the final product. The downside is that a lot of those “special” pictures also come with a price tag, so we have to sort through what elements are especially important.

Kitchen Upgrade Options
Kitchen Remodel Beverage Bar

How long does the process generally take from the first meeting to completion?  

A kitchen remodel typically takes approximately 6-10 weeks depending on the scope of the project. The design phase from the first meeting to the start date could take anywhere from two weeks (very small kitchen, already knows everything they want which means they’ve done a lot of their own footwork) to two months or longer. It just depends on how fast the client wants to move and how fast the designer can respond.

Kitchen (Before)
Kitchen Remodel After

What design trends do you believe are on the way out? What classic designs do you see sticking around?

Putting plugs in drawers for phone and IPad charging used to be common, but now people are realizing they don’t want their electronics in a drawer, they want them sitting on the counter so they can the notifications. Clients still prefer a dedicated space for the electronics, just not in a drawer.

Many people thought that stainless appliances would be a fad, but they are a classic look and I don’t think will go out of style. 

White cabinets have also been around for a while, but they are also a classic. I don’t see white cabinets ending anytime soon. Clients are mixing the cabinets with more colors, such as a stained island or a painted bar area. 

With each passing year, I notice more and more people choosing larger refrigerators, either the 42, 48, or the whole fridge/whole freezer combo. Steam ovens and induction cooktops are gaining ground as well.

Islands will never go out of style either. They have become the perfect place for a cup a coffee and the morning paper, a homework spot, a buffet set up, or even a workspace.  

A good designer will determine how you use your kitchen and how you want it to function and then make it beautiful! If you’re interested in learning more about remodeling your kitchen, contact Bridget Bridget Beehler  at For more information or inspiration, visit

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