Zionsville In The News


Best High Schools in Indiana

Zionsville Community High School ranks #5 in the top schools in the state (US News & World Report). Indiana high school students typically follow the Core 40 curriculum, which includes required classes in English language arts, math, social studies and science, among others . . . . .


Zionsville Named One Of 2022's Best Small Cities In America

Not everyone craves the bright lights and crowded spaces of the big cities. In fact, nearly half of Americans say they prefer to live in the suburbs. . . .


Development plan OK’d in Zionsville for apartment project

A development plan for a proposed 400-unit apartment complex project in Zionsville has been approved.

The Zionsville Plan Commission voted during its Aug. 15 meeting to approve a petition for a development plan for The Farm at Zionsville, which would consist of 400 apartments on 17.02 acres. The proposed project would be located at 11819 Sycamore St. 


This Small Town In Indiana Is Peak Midwestern Vibes

If we told you there’s a small town just 20 minutes north of Indy that’s filled with all the Midwestern charm in the world, what would you think?

Well, guess what, friends – it’s true, and this little town is truly something else. This town, with a population of just over 27,000 people, truly embodies the vibe of the Midwest. It’s small, walkable, and ridiculously friendly. It’s beautiful . . . . .


NeighborhoodScout’s Safest Cities in America – 2020

Zionsville ranks #1!

Readers might think America’s safest cities are remote communities.

Yet all but one of the top 100 safest cities (Rexburg, Idaho) are in metropolitan America, often in some of America’s most populous metros.  Many of the safest cities are suburban cities big enough to be included in the study, yet just miles from the center . . . . .


Trails expected for Zionsville upon development approval

At its Dec. 23 meeting, the Zionsville Redevelopment Commission adopted a resolution creating a tax increment financing district for Holliday Farms, a local development project that promises $1 million homes and commercial space.

Previously, the redevelopment commission adopted a declaratory resolution . . . . .


Looking ahead: Zionsville’s new mayor and her plans for the next four years

In November, when the final vote tally was announced,  a group of supporters in Greek’s Pizzeria in Zionsville erupted when Democrat Emily Styron, was elected as the town’s new mayor.

Styron won by a narrow 88-vote margin, just enough to beat the incumbent Republican incumbent Tim Haak,  the result of Styron and her supporters campaigning throughout town. . . . .



Three developments that will transform U.S. 421 in Zionsville

Zionsville is growing as developers invest millions of dollars to bring housing, dining, shopping, and other retail and amenities to the town of more than 27,000 residents in Boone County.

What is now primarily farmland on the town's northeast side along U.S. 421 is set to transform into a bustling . . . . .