Key Factors of a Successful Airbnb

✨ LET’S TALK ABOUT AIRBNBS ✨ Short term rentals have been around for years. I opened my first Airbnb, The Time Out, in 2020. I believe there are 3 very important aspects of a successful Airbnb.  View full video here:

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Key Factors of Home Staging


One of the key factors of staging that often gets overlooked is updated lighting. Upgraded lighting can take a home from builder grade drab to a design worthy home in just seconds. View full video here:

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Let’s Talk Mortgages

Mortgage Buydowns

As the Fed continues to raise interest rates, Buyers are looking for ways to make their monthly payments more manageable when purchasing a new home.   Audrey with CrossCountry Mortgage recently provided us with the following information on Mortgage Buydowns and how they can help lower your interest rate. BuydownsA buydown is a real estate financing technique that makes it…

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